Emblem Trace

Please note that I am NOT the original artist of this “sports” emblems. The real artist is this guy who does some really cool Game of Thrones stuff that you can check out here. All I am doing is retracing the steps of what he/she did to create this design. My only intention with this emblem is to practice using Adobe Illustrator.

My first problem was the main text. The text of the logo needed 2 strokes. I created an outline for the first stroke but it wouldn’t let me make a stroke from the stroke, despite being converted into its own object, so I tried a different approach. I made the outline for the first stroke. I then selected the title again, made a new stroke that was twice as big and then turned the bigger stroke into its own object. Now I had two differently sized strokes for the one title.


Another problem that I thought I would have been aligning the differently coloured shapes of the dragons on top of each other. But the pen tool let me lock onto the exact anchors of the shapes I was drawing on top of. It was measured exactly and I didn’t have to worry about it. But then I thought the curves would be hard because those weren’t automatically aligning. But because the anchor points of the two curvy shapes were exactly the same it was very easy to manually find the exact same curve that for the first shape.


My final problem is that, when the lowest layer of the emblem overlapped with itself between two of the dragon heads it didn’t have a priority of what head it should overlap on. So now the neck of the third dragon is crossing over the snout of the second dragon and vis versa.



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