Project 2: Editing The Long Darks Web Page.

Today I have been requested to post what I’ve done with a particular assignment. so here I go!

Here’s the link to hinterland:

And here’s the link to Steam: (NOTE: Steam has been updated since I last used it as a reference for design. Use the screen shot below for a better reference)

This is a Hinterland themed website with the layout of Steam’s website. This was an interesting combination of a website marketing 1 game vs a website marking millions of games. I learned quite a bit, including how important the wire frames are and how every wire frame is designed for a different purpose. When I first learned that we had to observe our clients competitors in order to know what to do, I thought this was absolutely lame and lazy and that a good designer would come up with something new and eye catching and different. Now I’m realizing that that doesn’t sell a website. You copy competitor websites because their layout works, and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. If it works, then the design is successful.


There was a lesson I learned prior to this class from a similar class: the minimalist style is usually the best style. It’s easy, simple to make and simple to look at. It’s fast and underwhelming for new users, rather than overwhelming. I learned this lesson after trying to make an ultra detailed website (very similar to Joshua’s web page I analyzed and commented on in excel) with designs that can take too long.  So for this year, at this school, I’m sticking to minimalism, and I really like the result.


Late observational notes. I had to fill up a lot of spaces, and even cut a few out entirely. I ended up naturally filling the things with merchandise. Which makes sense when the original layout was meant to market lots of merchandise in the first place. This is a result of using a store wireframe with a small game studio wireframe.




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